While it is largely your child’s hard work, focus and commitment to their education that will get them through the school year, a great starting point is having the right equipment. Of all the equipment, choosing the right backpack might be one of the most important decisions you and your children will make. as it needs to see them from September to June, be able to hold all their essentials, and most importantly be comfortable. With our versatile range of school backpacks, we’ve got rucksacks that can handle hikes, backpacks that can hold over 20 litres, as well a good selection of sports bags for when your little one gets involved with school sport.

Best school bags for primary school

Whether they’re starting out or just feel like they need something new, your kids’ primary school backpack will help them handle their new independence and responsibilities. These are the school backpacks we think will best do the job.

25L Backpack Essential
25L Backpack Essentiallink

There’s no better way to get your little ones organised than a backpack with a good amount of pockets. Although its main feature is the great deal of volume it offers, Kipsta’s 25L Backpack Essential is blessed with 6 pockets including a front pocket, main pocket, boot pocket and bottle pocket. It’s also made from weight and abrasion-resistant materials and comes in a range of colours including navy blue, bordeaux red, carbon grey and dark aubergine, using the eco-friendly biton dyeing method.

17-Litre Backpack Essential
Kipsta Sac À Dos Essentiel 17l Bleu - 001 --- Expires On 21-01-2030.jpg
Kipsta's 17-Litre Backpack Essential link

Whether it’s carrying several school books or their football kit, the 17 Litre Backpack Essential from Kipsta is a spacious option that will serve your child throughout the school year. Made with abrasion and weight resistant materials it comes with adjustable straps, a padded back, and features 4 pockets, including separate ones for boots and for a water bottle.

Kids’ Hiking Backpack MH100
Quechua Sad Mh100 Kid 5 L Pe20 - 003 --- Expires On 18-10-2023.jpg
Kids’ Hiking Backpack MH100link

The hiking equivalent to the 17 Litre Backpack Essential, this is a durable, lightweight bag that will take your child the distance this school year. The Kids’ Hiking Backpack MH100 5 litres from Quechua has a great deal of space and is designed with a foam back, S-shaped shoulder straps, and chest straps, all of which are perfect for children. It also includes a water bottle pocket, zipped pocket, and mesh pocket. The toughness of a hiking backpack, teamed with space and comfort required for the journey to school, and covered by our 10 year guarantee.

Best school bags for secondary school

When your little ones start growing into little adults, it’s likely that both their workload and their active life will also be developing. It also means that the demands of their school backpacks will also be greater, so we’ve put together a small selection that will handle those demands with ease.

Adidas Unisex Sports Backpack
Adidas Unisex Sports Backpacklink

Whether it’s for books or after school sporting activities, this classic bag made by a classic brand will not let your child down. The Black Adidas Unisex Sports Backpack has 23 litres of space, adjustable, padded handles and straps that suit all different body types. Also available in blue, both backpacks are made from 100% recycled polyester.

Mountain walking rucksack - MH100
Quechua Sac A Dos Mh100 20l Gris Fonce Pe20 - 001 --- Expires On 01-12-2023.jpg
Mountain walking rucksack - MH100 link

For secondary school kids with a whole lot on their plate, this is the one for them. Built for those that enjoy the odd hike, the lightweight MH100 Mountain walking rucksack has 20L of space, the support and comfort your busy children need. Equipped with wide straps, adjustable waistband, thumb loops and AirCooling ventilation technology, that will keep your child cool and collected throughout their day. What's more, the bag includes several pockets (1 exterior, 1 interior, 1 water compartment, 2 mesh side pockets and 1 belt pocket) and a main compartment with a front opening for quick access to the bottom of the bag. The fact it’s included in our 10 year guarantee means it can also be passed down to your smaller children if needed.

Country Walking Backpack NH550
Quechua Sac A Dos Nh550 20l Gris Fonce Ah20 - 002 --- Expires On 10-07-2029.jpg
Country Walking Backpack NH550link

Got yourself a secondary schooler that wants to do it all? Well the flexible, ventilated Country Walking 20-litre Backpack NH550 will be with them throughout the journey. With two thick ventilated, honeycomb-textured back pads, padded shoulder straps, chest belt, two thumb loops, it will provide them with the carrying comfort they need, and with a capacity of 20L litres it’ll be able to carry what they need. The backpack has a pocket selection that includes two flask holders, isothermal and telephone pockets meaning your child will be able to stay organised whatever day of the week it is. It’s also designed in a way that’s kinder to our planet using ‘dope’ dyeing, a process that uses much less water than the traditional dyeing processes. Included in our 10 year guarantee selection.

Best big school sports bags

It’ll probably be a side consideration, but it may be worth having a separate sports bag for all your children’s sporting gear. Fortunately, we’ve got the range you need to find the right one.

15L Shoe Bag Light
Kipsta Light Jaune Bleu Ss19 - 001 --- Expires On 08-12-2032.jpg
15L Shoe Bag Light link

Let’s start small. If you don’t want your child putting muddy boots or balls in their backpack along with all their books, then go for Kipsta’s 15L Shoe Bag with a drawstring or Bootbag, which comes with handles. Both styles are ultra-compact, and when folded up uses minimal space in your kids’ backpack.

40L Sports Bag Kipocket
40L Sports Bag Kipocket link

Ideal for PE or games lessons, this bag is designed with ventilation technology that means even if your child’s kit sits around all week, it'll remain well aired and won’t cause too bad a smell. The 40L Sports Bag Kipocket from Kipsta is both durable, compact (with the ability to fold into itself) and has 3 compartments ( 1 main pocket,1 side pocket and 1 pocket for personal items). What more could you ask for in a school sports bag?

75-Litre Sports Bag Essential
Kipsta Sac 75l Essentiel Noir Gris - 001 --- Expires On 10-07-2029.jpg
75-Litre Sports Bag Essential link

Last but certainly not least, it’s the Kipsta’s 75-Litre Sports Bag Essential. If your child’s involved in a number of different sports throughout the week (or just plays a sport that has a large amount of equipment) then this may do nicely. Not only is it split into 4 different ventilated compartments, making separating different apparel and equipment easy, Kipsta’s 75-Litre Sports Bag Essential can also be folded into its own side pocket, making it easy to transport when not being used. It’s made from a material that not only withstands the abrasive rigours of regular use, its colouring done using dope dying, meaning that little water is wasted in the production of each bag.