1. What Kit Do I Need for Road Cycling as a Beginner?


You can pick up a good beginner road bike for around £250 which will have reliable tyres, simple gear changes and will give a comfortable ride. ...Read More

2. Where is Good to Go Road Cycling for Beginners?


The British Isles have some of the most stunning cycling routes for beginner road cyclists; from country roads, to the flats of the Norfolk Broads. ...Read More

3. Who Can I Go Road Cycling With?


If you’re new to cycling, it’s a good idea to go out with other cyclists, who will also be able to help if you have any issues with your bike along the way. ...Read More

4. How Can I Stay Safe While Road Cycling?


If you’re a beginner road cyclist, you should familiarise yourself with where you’re allowed to cycle, and any other rules and laws which you need to follow....Read More

5. What Nutritional & Physical Training Can Help With Road Cycling for Beginners?


If you’re new to road cycling, start by riding three to five times a week. Don’t go too hard in your first week, go for volume and increase intensity later....Read More