What are rollers? 

Training apparatus that attaches to an exercise bike to allow you to develop certain aspects of your technique, including handling, pedaling and balance. Consisting of three drums with the first on the front wheel, and second and third connected via a ‘belt’. There are also newer, e-motion rollers that go further to simulate the cycling experience.

What is a turbo trainer? 

Training technology that enables you to go through a wide range of workouts across different terrains without ever leaving the house. Also with SMART turbo trainers, there is the capacity to both further authenticate your riding experience with a visuals of your chosen surroundings, and the ability to socialize with your fellow riders.

Why might you use rollers? 

  1. Better natural feel. Securing a turbo trainer to your bike can often lead to slightly odd feelings that can take time to get used to, and the resistance is not the same as the feeling you’d get from cycling outside. With a roller, an exercise bike will move a lot more freely, as it isn’t fixed to anything. While conventional rollers have been known to take a while to learn how to balance properly on, E-motion rollers are set on a gliding frame that can move freely, and handle different cycling styles. 
  2. Improves your cycling form. Built to create feedback to jerky, inconsistent pedalling that makes the rollers bounce like a rubber ball, using rollers will undoubtedly help you develop a smooth, powerful, consistent form. 
  3. They are quiet. While great for a workout, turbo trainers can be incredibly loud. If you’re planning to exercise in a room which has people below, you may want to consider the use of rollers. 
  4. Easy to store and transport. Rollers are typically 30 pounds lighter than turbo trainers, and less than 3 feet long when folded up, making them to store horizontally under your bed or vertically in your cupboard. 
  5. They’re cost-effective. Given the fairly basic technology, rollers have a better price-point than indoor trainers. 

Why might you use a turbo trainer?   

  1. Experience the great outdoors. As previously mentioned, many SMART turbo trainers have the option to visualize the famous routes you’re cycling
  2. Train with accuracy. If you’re looking to build up an understanding of your fitness levels and training development, turbo trainers can offer and store accurate data about your workouts. It could even be argued that, when taking into account traffic and adverse weather conditions, that your performance on a turbo trainer is more reliable than that of a real life bike ride.
  3. Great for high-intensity workouts. With the weighed down, fixed-in structure of turbo trainers, you’ll be able to take your training to the next level without any fear of your bike falling over. 
  4. Excellent for recovery. If you’ve recently been injured and slowly returning to exercise or need to develop road confidence, turbo trainers can provide a smoother introduction or return to cycling. 
  5. Monitor your technique. With the ability to record your training session, you are able to examine your cycling style and develop an idea of what needs to be worked on in future sessions. 
  6. Interactive Technology. During your time inside, social contact may be hard to come by. However with various smart turbo trainers, it’s possible to take online group sessions and stay in contact and exchange tips with fellow riders.