Some of us enjoy running for the solitude. We like the quiet, meditative rhythms of feet and breath, the opportunity to tune out the world. But sometimes we get bored, or lonely, or just hungry for the motivation that comes from human contact. We may start to think, “maybe I should have joined the rugby team, or the synchronized swimming squad …”

Fortunately, there’s another path. Believe it or not, your fellow runners often feel the same way. They sometimes wish for an occasional (or regular) break from solitude. Which is great news for all of you.

If you find each other, you’ll also find an instant source of motivation. If any one of you ever feels the pull of the couch or the tv, your compatriots will step in help with the most challenging stride of all—the one through your front door. If any one of you ever feels your spirits lag mid-run, the others will be there to cheer you on.

You may also find the miles flying by unnoticed as you talk amongst yourselves about the latest running shoes, the latest movies, your favorite recovery drink, your favorite pub.

You’ll benefit from safety in numbers. And you’ll learn one another’s training and nutrition tips.

How to find a group? There are many options, both old-fashioned and new-fangled:

And of course, you can contact your nearest Decathlon store, to find out about meetings and events, including opportunities to test the latest products.