1. What Kit Do I Need To Go Running as a Beginner?


The most important piece of kit for beginner runners is some comfortable shoes. gait analysis can help find the right shoes to suit your running style....Read More

2. Where is Good to Go Running for Beginners?


Running around your local park is the perfect place to start for beginners. You can do a big lap, or two, and some parks even have a running track....Read More

3. Who Can I Go Running With?


Some people prefer to run with others, especially beginner runners. Consider joining a running club, or a running meet-up to find new running buddies. ...Read More

4. How Can I Stay Safe While Running?


Running injuries are all too common, so it’s useful to know how to prevent injury and what warning signs to look out for if you’re a beginner runner. ...Read More

5. What Nutritional & Physical Training Can Help With Running for Beginners?


Even if you’re a beginner runner, you should aim to eat a well-balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, low fat dairy, fish and lean meat....Read More