After all, your children may be too young to enjoy long rural walks. But you might want to do something more exciting together than driving to the local park to have a picnic or feed the ducks.
A fun and flexible way to enjoy the season together

This is where scooting can really come into its own. Scooters are relatively easy for both kids and adults to use. They also enable you and your family to explore places quickly on two wheels. Oh, and they lend themselves brilliantly to all manner of fun activities and games!

Buying every family member a scooter enables you to get active outside together, beyond simply walking. You can zip from A to B on your scooters, and actually keep up with the kids!

You can enjoy a variety of short trips on your scooters for free, without having to worry about battling for a car parking space. The lightness and compactness of scooters also makes them easy to store in a family car or take with you on public transport.

Plus, scooters are just cool and chic. Your kids will love the fact that everyone in the family has one, and will look forward to every trip you embark on together.
But what family-friendly activities are possible with scooters?

The short answer is: a lot. Here are just a few games and activities to try:

  • Scooter races, including the obvious shootout format over a distance, as well as ‘twists’ on the formula. Why not try racing each other scooting backwards, for example? Just make sure you find a safe and flat place for your race! A local park, garden or playground will lower the risk of any of your scooting family colliding into obstacles or other people.
  • Treasure hunts, for which you just need the scooters and some ‘treasure’ to hide such as small presents, sweets or lollies, along with paper and pens for writing down the clues to where they are hidden. Use a string of clues to lead participants from one location to another, perhaps taking the form of riddles or just straightforward directions.
  • Making a scooter track or obstacle course. This could be suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, if you can find somewhere flat and spacious. Once you’ve constructed the course, you could have a straightforward four-lap race, or even play ‘scooter tag’ around the track.
  • Scooter fancy dress. This gives your child the opportunity to imagine themselves as a pirate with their scooter as their ship, or Cinderella with their scooter as a carriage. Or what about the scooter being a horse for a knight, or a Batmobile for Batman? The idea is that both the person and the scooter get dressed up!
  • Capture the flag. Divide your family into two teams, with each having their own flag. The objective is to capture the other team’s flag, hidden in that team’s designated ‘area’. Participants are required to sneakily scoot into opposition territory to try to find the flag. But if they are tagged by the other team, they’ll have to spend time in that team’s ‘jail’, until someone from their own team tags them out. Nor are players allowed to ‘stand guard’ within three metres of their flag to stop the other team from getting to it! Once someone captures the other team’s flag without being tagged, the game is won.

These are just some of the enjoyable things you can do outside with your family this summer, with little more than a scooter for each person. So, why settle for the usual dull summer-holiday activities, when you can instead go on a real adventure together?