Simulated game shooting – getting ready for the new season

So you love your game shooting. Even when it’s cold and wet. Imagine if you could practice your game out of season, put literally hundreds of cartridges through your gun – all in brilliant sunshine? Well that’s where simulated game shooting comes in. And there are places in the UK that do this so well, you’ll have at least as good a day out of season, as the real thing.

It’s also a great opportunity if you’re new to game shooting, to learn the etiquette and take lessons from CPSA registered shooting instructors in a safe, simulated environment. 

Just like the real thing

It’s just like any other shoot day. All the guns assemble, then drive out to the stand. Simulated shooting is run by people with an excellent understanding of what drive shooting is about, so there is a variety of birds provided to shoot. It’s quite hard to simulate game shooting with clays, but a number of places do it well. They fire the clays at a flat angle so they’re going at a very high speed over your head, just like game. You’ll even find nets hung on the back of the grouse butts to simulate a real grouse drive and protect the guns from high speed birds.

All in all, enough challenging clays can be released to test even the most accomplished of guns.

Wide variety of birds

The wide array of shooting is produced thanks to a sophisticated trap machine. It throws birds from different positions around the shoot, so the traps can provide everything from ground-hugging grouse to screaming high pheasants.

All the extras

You’ll get the same banter, the same good food and drink, as well as a good day of shooting. There are a variety of packages available for shooters. And the big advantage is that it’s a lot cheaper than going pheasant shooting.

Open to all

Simulated shooting obviously has a lot of appeal as a way for experienced shooters to get their eye in ahead of the new season. In addition, shooting is a very inclusive sport and more widely popular practised than athletics, rugby and hockey. So for those who aren’t game shooters already, it’s a great opportunity to give it a go!