1. Which Kit do Beginners Need to Go Skiing?


If you’re a beginner skier, many of the essentials such as skis, poles, boots, and helmets can usually be hired at ski resorts. ...Read More

2. Where Can I Go Skiing as a Beginner?


There are lots of indoor ski slopes all over the UK where you can have a few lessons on real snow before heading off on your first ski trip abroad. ...Read More

3. Who Can I go Skiing With?


There are many family-friendly ski resorts all over Europe, plus lots of fun snow-themed activities so little tots can get in on the action too. ...Read More

4. How Can I Stay Safe while Skiing?


Speed, combined with mountainous terrain is a recipe for injury, but following a few safety rules can help beginners stay safe on the ski slopes. ...Read More

5. What Physical Training can Help with Skiing for Beginners?


If you’re not already exercising regularly through sport, or going to the gym, then it’s a good idea to do some light exercise before you go on your ski trip....Read More