Cycling is booming in the UK. With multiple Tour de France victories and unprecedented success in track cycling in recent years, the focus now turns to nurturing the next generation. Helping those up and coming athletes find their discipline and harness their talents has become a priority for some. Plans are underway to open up more coastal areas in the UK to cyclists, the development of which will lead to more cycling activities for kids.
Seaside cycling: Development plans in the UK

Coastal areas in the UK have traditionally been reserved for walkers. In recent times however, plans have been developed to open up more cycling routes around coastal areas. With the ever-increasing popularity of cycling in the UK, this can only be a good thing.

Councils around the UK have begun to open up promenades and sea fronts to cyclists. For many, it makes cycling more accessible, while also providing a safer alternative to busy roads. Local tourism has also received a welcome boost in many areas, as bike-loving holidayers flock to the coast. The wide open spaces are the perfect setting and they offer the option of a variety of cycling activities for kids.

Concerns regarding possible conflicts with walkers have proved unfounded, as compromises have been reached by both parties to ensure a harmonious solution. For this initiative to take hold in other parts of the UK, it requires support from both landowners and locals alike. There are huge amounts of land in coastal areas of the UK which can be transformed into prime cycling terrain, providing multiple cycling activities for kids to hone their skills.
The Vision

With all its disciplines, in a sport as diverse as cycling, any type of land can be transformed into prime cycling terrain. From clifftop sections to stone tracks to low-lying coastal strips exposed at low tide, the possibilities are truly endless. If facilities can be put in place, kids will no doubt find a way to pursue a fulfilling outlet.
Cycling activities for kids

Cycling can be a wonderful form of exercise for kids. All parents need to do is teach them how to ride once. It's a case of once learned, never forgotten. It’s a lifelong skill they’ll be sure to cherish for years to come.

As a low impact sport, without the repeated pounding and unhealthy stress of particular joints, cycling is a sport ideally suited to growing children. To aid them in finding their discipline in the sport, these new plans could open up a whole new world of opportunity.

However, kids truly excel when they are taught the skills that bring their abilities to the next level. Whether that’s cornering, braking or slow-speed control, there are many cycling activities for kids that can help that future olympian uncover their own talents!

The opening of promenades to cyclists will increase the number of kids involved in cycling. It will also provide a social outlet where they can come together and learn in harmony. With planned activities and courses, they can be mentored in mastering the skills required to become a competent cyclist as they gradually build confidence.
Nurturing the next generation

Cycling camps organised in the summer months can help ensure that those with far greater experience pass on their knowledge and passion to the next generation. And what better way to nourish the passion of a kid than to take an interest in what they’re doing.

From road racing to BMX and from mountain biking to cyclocross, a variety of activities can be organised for kids to help foster their inner talent and aid them in finding their discipline. In other parts of the world, camps take place where kids learn to master the skills for a variety of disciplines through games which are organised in groups.

Whether it’s balancing acts, mounting and dismounting the bike when running, or learning to carry a bike over their shoulder while running up a hill, they learn the necessary skills. And what’s more, they do it all without even knowing they are learning! From sprinting and cornering on a road bike, to running up a muddy trail in cyclocross with a bike slung over their shoulder!
Planning your next family holiday around cycling

Many promenades around England and Wales have already been opened up for cyclists. Some areas that you may want to look into for your next family cycling holiday include Anglesey, Morecambe, Bexhill and Worthing, but many others are sure to follow. Exciting times await, and at Decathlon we’re here to help. With a wide array of kids bikes, helmets, locks and clothing, we’re with you every step of the way as we pass the reigns on to the next generation!