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Pearl Sharrell

Digital Sport Leader Swimming

The most common solution we usually consider for weight loss or getting into shape is hitting the gym. Don't stress so much, there are other (more fun) ways to achieve your dream body. 

 Make the pool your temple for a couple of months from now because it doesn't only help you shed those extra pounds but a swimming workout also helps to tighten every muscle in your body and improve metabolism.

3 essentials items, a pair of goggles, a swim cap and a swimsuit and you're closer than you think to your goal.

1. Benefits Of Water - How Water Works To Help You Exercise
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The perfect blend of calorie burn and muscle workout really makes swimming a fantastic option to shape your body. While swimming, with every kick, pull and push is like resistance exercise for your entire body. Water adds twelve times more resistance than air, so when you swim or exercise in water your muscles are working twelve times harder than if you were on land. Especially your hips, the core muscles, the arms, your thighs and glutes. 

I still can't get over this memory of limping all day post a leg-workout session. Well, that's the good thing about swimming, it's kind to your body. You can literally swim everyday and not feel the post-workout fatigue and muscle pain, unlike most sports.

2. You Need To Build Up Your Stamina Slowly
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You always have high expectation when you're a newbie at swimming. You think you can swim for a solid half hour but in five minutes you feel completely exhausted. This is because your body muscles and cardiovascular system tend to work differently from that on land. Be patient and slowly work on your stamina by increasing your timing a little from day to the other.

3. How Long Should You Swim To Lose Weight
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This highly depends on your body weight, the speed at which you swim and which stroke you use. A good two and a half hours of swimming every week should help this process. Swimming not only helps you lose weight but also maintain it.

So don't give up once you start feeling slimmer.

4. Four Effective Strokes

Freestyle stroke: Also known as the front crawl, is the easiest and the most popular. An hour of freestyle swimming should burn around 590 calories.

Breaststroke and Backstroke: If you jog or walk fast, you burn the same amount of calories as these two strokes.

Butterfly stroke: this burns the maximum number of calories and is the most difficult stroke to perform. It burns around 150 calories in minutes.

It is best to choose interchange between the strokes, for efficiency and this helps you improve your technique which ensures that you burn more calories.

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