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Even though you'll have to put certain sports aside for a while, swimming and aquafitness are particularly advisable during pregnancy. Aside from feeling light while you're exercising, according to experts, moving in the water offers many benefits for mums-to-be. 
1. Numerous Benefits

"Swimming is undoubtedly the sport that offers the most benefits and involves the least constraints for the body,". Moving the legs in the water improves blood circulation. This is a great way to combat water retention, which affects some pregnant women. Breathwork, muscle toning, managing weight gain… Swimming and aquafitness offers all the benefits of physical activity, as well as other advantages.
2. Freedom !
3. Like A Little Fish

To get the full benefits of swimming, We advise avoiding breaststroke: this stroke accentuates the arch in your back, which is already under great strain from baby's weight. The most suitable stroke is backstroke, "It works the body gently. You can also float on your back, which will be good for your spine. Aside from swimming, any kind of movement in the water gently works your abductors and allows you to keep soliciting your muscle groups. Overall, swimming is an activity that can easily be continued up to the 9th month.

How about you: Have you enjoyed swimming or aquafitness during pregnancy?