Community lead development

From the first point Korok engage with the end user. The brand does not get to the end of development and simply ask the public to vote on two similar options. The designers reached out, in person, at pitches across Europe to understand the pain points about bags. They discussed popular models with players; what they like, what they love and what could improve.

The designers never accepted that it was enough to provide something that was purely functional. Innovation is at the heart of Korok. The drive to deliver technically superior equipment that allows more people to enjoy our wonderful game. This is what separates Korok from other brands.

But what good is innovation if it does not last? As Korok is by hockey lovers, for hockey lovers, these bags have been tested extensively. They come with an unrivalled two year guarantee. To be confident of making this promise the bags have been put through their paces in sports laboratories and on the field with our international athletes to ensure you get the best. When you hurriedly drag the bag off the floor and fling it over your shoulder you do so knowing Belgian captain Thomas Briels has done the same thing with that bag time and time again before we dared to put it on the peg in store.

This all led to the range of bags you see today.

FH100 Rucksack

The backpack is a common sight in adult hockey but less so for kids. The design team understood that more and more kids are cycling to the pitch and even those who do not cycle still prefer the look and familiarity of a school bag.

Where the FH100 Ruck Sack really stands out is the little features that make a big impact on the parent.

Sights of metal fences around a hockey pitch twisting at the base as age sets in are commonplace. They catch the bottom of your bag and damage it, rendering it useless. That is why the sleeve on the rucksack is retractable. It is pulled into the bag as the stick is taken out, meaning the bag is protected. The main base of the bag is built with abrasion resistant material that also reduce the risk of water getting in.

When looking at the internal functions parents and the kids are the priority. Specific pockets for shin pads, essential items that tend to get wet through sweat and rain, stops the damp spreading. This means after a cold winter night the kid still has a dry warm top to put on!

The mesh grill on the side pocket allows the contents to breath, again getting round the risk of damp and sweat in the bag building up. And on the straps a safety feature: reflective writing so that if your kid is running through the ill lit car park at night time they can be seen!

Korok developed this by working closely with the players, parents and coaches from day one of the process. It was through this collaboration that Korok understood the pain points and opportunities to improve the essential item of the hockey bag.

The FH540 and 560 Stick Bags

The older players want more space to keep change of clothes, maybe some umpire kit to help out and have to contend with multiple sticks. Again by reaching out to players and working with them Korok understood the pain points.

The side pockets for sticks mean that there is no risk of getting poked in the back by an awkward hook or handle. The grab handles at the top and side, combined with the shoulder straps, mean it is easy to pull out of a car boot or move around the pitch quickly as you search for the first aid kit, cones or water bottles.

The top pocket on the back allows quick access to essentials such as a mouthguard, whistle or to store jewelry. As with the ruck sack consideration to the wet and sweaty elements of our game is given. The huge pocket at the bottom allows breathability so that the moisture can escape, without letting water in when the pitch is sprayed or it rains.

Internationally approved, award winning bags!

Esme Burge and Jacob Draper of the Great Britain teams use the FH560 and FH540 bags respectively giving them plenty of room for all their protective gear, multiple sticks and of course a change of clothes to celebrate after the game!

In 2020 an internationally renowned hockey website, The Hockey Family, awarded the FH560 “Best Value Bag” stating that “for this volume you’d expect to pay three or four times the price, but you’d still get less functionality”.

If you have any further questions regarding the bags please contact and we will get back to you!