While putting one foot in front of the other may seem like an easy thing to do, sometimes you need a few pointers for your running routine to really take off. Here at Decathlon, we’ve partnered with The Running Channel to give you clear and easy tips to get ahead with any running goals you might have. Check them out, they may put a spring in your step.

Improve EVERY Run By Doing THIS First

It’s always a good idea to get into good habits early, so let’s start with what to do before you even put on your trainers. Warming up before a run is an important but often overlooked aspect of a running routine, and if avoided, it can lead to injuries slowing down any real progress. With the help of The Running Channel’s resident physiotherapist Manni Ovola, this follow along warm-up video will get your muscles prepped for what’s to come.

We Show You EXACTLY What To Do After EVERY Run

For many this would come at the end of the article, once you’ve learnt about all the different ways to push on with your running routine. However, to keep you in the best condition possible, we believe it only makes sense to follow a warm-up video with a warm down video. Manni is back again with a selection of easy to follow exercises that require zero equipment.

With both of these follow along videos, it is important to note that these exercises should not be used to treat any one particular injury. If you are experiencing regular pain in part of your body, you should seek medical help.

How To RUN Your First 5K | Running Tips For Beginners

In recent times (especially during the first lockdown in 2020), being able to smash a 5k has become a key part of the nation’s way of staying healthy. A 5k is seen by many as the very first hurdle in the world of long-distance running, but that doesn’t mean it’s as simple as just taking off down the road and hoping for the best. In this video, Anna and Rick take you through their top tips for how to ease yourself into crushing your first running goal. You don’t necessarily need to use them all, but a fair few could be perfect for you.

HOW TO Run Your First 10k | Running Tips For A 10k Race

Once you feel like you’re completing your 5ks with real ease, it might be time to start thinking about broadening your horizons. Maybe you're looking toward half or even full marathons, but before you give them a go, it’s worth getting up to speed with a 10k. Anna, Kate and Rick take you through everything you need to know about picking a 10k race, how to train for it and building consistency in your running. It’s a fair distance for new runners, so this is well worth a watch.

First Half Marathon Tips | How To Run Your First Half Marathon

Much like a 10k (but to an even greater extent ), undertaking your first half marathon isn’t something many people can complete by just popping on their trainers and hitting the road. In this video, Anna takes you through what to expect from a half marathon, how long it takes to train for one, and gives you a rundown of helpful tips to avoid it becoming a horrible baptism of fire as you approach the race’s 30 minute mark.

HOW TO Run A Marathon | Marathon Training Tips

Without sounding too dramatic, this is the big one. As anyone who has done so will tell you, training for a marathon is a combination of hard work and dedication, even if it is just for the six month build-up to the race. However, it needn’t be a time of total stress and worry. With Anna, Kate and Rick as your guides, this video will give you a step by step account of the very best ways to put your process into motion, and transform it into a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Why Are YOU Not Getting FASTER? | 10 Top Running Tips To Get Quicker

While the ‘slow and steady’ approach is the best for beginners, for many running is ultimately about progression and improvement. Once you’ve been committed to your routine for a while, you may start seeing that your performances have started to plateau, and your pace might even be dropping off. With help from The Running Channel team, this video takes you through different ways to get faster in a way that suits you, and helps you develop with each routine.

Hill Running Sessions, Tips and Technique | HOW TO Run Hills

If you’re just starting out, the idea of running up and down a hill as a crucial part of your training, might make you want to throw in the towel before you’ve even started. In reality however, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience, both as an activity, and also one that will help your flat speed no end. Check out what Anna has to say about hill running, it could be a game changer.

Home Workout Routine for Runners | Follow Along Session 1 | No Equipment Strength Training

Even if you can’t get outside, there are still ways to improve your running when you’re hanging out at home. After several lockdowns, we’ve become far more accustomed to working out in our living rooms, spare rooms and bedrooms, so this shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate into your routine. In this follow along video, Andy and Anna take you through an extensive selection of exercises that will help develop your strength and endurance, and which will hopefully make you less likely to pick up injuries when running.

How To Use Your Foam Roller | Guide To Effective RUNNING RECOVERY

It’s likely you’ve heard of it, but do you know exactly what a foam roller is and how to use it? With Andy and Anna as your guides, this video takes you through everything you need to know about the apparatus, from what it does, to exercises that will give you the very best chance for effective running recovery.

10 Running Excuses We've All Used

A fun one to finish. Without pointing any fingers, avoiding a run can often be as easy as making up a reason to yourself as to why you shouldn't head out. This video is a rundown of the excuses people make to take a step back from their routines. In being able to notice yourself in some of these reasons for missing a run, you might be able to kiss them goodbye. It might even end up helping your relationship with running.