Whether you’re starting from scratch with exercise, want to stretch and tone alongside your usual cardio training or are just fancy trying something new, Pilates can be a very rewarding route to go down.

We all know how difficult it can be to stick to fitness goals and stay healthy when work’s long and life is busy. sometimes the last thing you want to do after a hard day is hit the gym, which leads us onto just one reason why pilates is so great…

Pilates can be done at home with very little equipment (so there’s no need for bags of room of buckets of cash), and anyone can get involved, no matter how old, fit or supple you are.

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1. Tone Those Muscles

Pilates Isn’T Just For Mums-To-Be!

Pilates might be described as ‘gentle gymnastics’ but it’s pretty hardcore when it comes to its results. Through focused breathwork and over 500 different exercises, it’ll strengthen and tone your deep core muscles, in particular the transverse abdominis. If you've been a little lax with your major muscles lately, Pilates will get your abs, glutes and back in line in no time.

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2. Say Goodbye To Back Pain

Do You Spend A Lot Of Time Sitting At Work?

Or maybe you do a lot of standing without moving around much? If you're starting to feel the effects, Pilates may be just what you need. Besides toning the muscles that improve your posture, Pilates requires you to stay properly aligned, keeping your upper body straight before starting any exercise. Over time, you'll gradually start to stand up straighter and strengthen your spine. This goes a long way in preventing lower back pain, joint pain and muscle fatigue.

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3. Get Results You Can See

Just A Few Minutes A Day Will Make A Whole World Of Difference

With just an exercise ball, resistance bands and a mat, you'll be all set to go. Plus, because you can do Pilates at home, it's easy to find a few minutes to squeeze in a couple of exercises. You'll start to feel the burn in no time and will likely find it's a great way to decompress after a long, stressful day.

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Pilates is a great option if you’ve overindulged on holiday or are easing yourself back into exercise after a break. It’s gentle enough to attempt post-injury but will still make you sweat and feel like you’ve had a good workout. Because Pilates is so easy to fit into a busy schedule, you’ll find yourself sticking to it over the long term, and the results – in the way you look yes, but more so in how you feel and can move – will keep you returning to the mat time after time.