It’s often been said that we should all be exercising more. Government guidelines, for instance, say that children and young people aged between 5 and 18 should be exercising for at least 60 minutes each day. For adults, a minimum of 150 minutes per week applies.

But are you and your own kids getting that much physical activity under your belts? If not, you might have good reason to purchase a ride-on scooter or two to really change the face of your school run.
It’s about more than just physical fitness

Of course, the obvious benefit of riding scooters for kids’ school commutes is that it gives you a convenient way to pack some physical activity into your day that you might not otherwise get.

When you and your kids learn how to ride a scooter to school, you might soon wonder why you spent all of those years taking the car. It just feels so thrilling and liberating to have the wind in your hair as you scoot along the pavement with your kid.

Riding a scooter in the UK may feel like a novel experience, as we might associate scooters more with other countries. However, more than one million children actually scoot to school each day with their parents.

They do so partly because it’s so much fun. Even as a parent, you’ll feel more closely connected to nature when you scoot rather than drive. Those subtle changes in the breeze, the wildlife you spot, the leaves turning brown and falling off the trees... you’ll notice it all when you take a scooter with you on the school run.

You’ll be helping your children... and our wider world

One immediate benefit of scooting to school with your kids – besides the exercise – is the money you’ll save. Just imagine all of that petrol you won’t need to pay for over time, or even the gym memberships or leisure centre cards you can avoid shelling out for, because every member of the family is doing such a sterling job of keeping fit by scooting.

But there’s more. Scooting will help to instil road-safety awareness in your kids from an early age, given the requirement for them to be mindful of pedestrians and cars as they travel. When your children scoot to school, they will also arrive more relaxed, alert and ready to start the day.

However, a scooter ride to school benefits the wider world, too. It means one fewer car on the road each morning, which helps to reduce congestion and even pollution. Did you know, for instance, that as many as 40,000 early deaths in the UK each year can be attributed to air pollution? Cars are hugely responsible for lessening the quality of the air that we breathe.

Above all, scooter use is just a lot of fun

Even if none of the above reasons are enough to convince you of the wisdom of buying a riding scooter for your child’s school run, just stop to think of how much fun you will have when scooting to school – as well as how much more quality time you’ll get to spend with your child.

There really aren’t any more enjoyable ways of travelling to school than doing so by scooter! Learn to ride a kick scooter this back-to-school season, and you can therefore expect to be thankful for more reasons than one.