You might presume it isn’t possible to bring your little one with you when riding an adult scooter. After all, that’s why it’s called an adult scooter, right? Well, you’re wrong!

In fact, we offer child carriers for adult scooters from the Oxelo brand in the Decathlon online store, alongside our usual portable scooters for travel. Just one of these simple carriers enables you to ride together on a scooter, while knowing that your child will always be completely safe.

So, how can you best use such a carrier when travelling with a child on an adult scooter?
Attaching the child carrier couldn’t be easier

Installing an Oxelo child carrier on your scooter is as simple as removing the front part of the non- slip strip on your board, before attaching the child carrier to your scooter. The carrier’s self-adhesive strip means you can easily attach its Velcro grip onto your scooter’s board.

The wonders of Velcro, in fact, allow you remove and replace the child carrier as often as you like, in the knowledge that it will attach securely to your scooter every time. The only thing you really need to remember is to keep it clean.

Take the time to get your child used to the scooter

Riding along those pavements on your scooter with your child on board is a very special experience. It’s worth waiting for, so there’s no need to rush it!

Make sure your little one correctly positions themselves on the child carrier, with their entire foot placed on the base. They will also need to firmly grip the middle of the handlebars with their hands. We say ‘the middle’, of course, so that your child’s hands don’t get in the way when you’re steering.

That’s it! Your kid is now in the safest possible position for a fun scooter ride with you. Just remember to stay mindful of your child’s movements as they ride – their reactions to your scooter’s motions will show you just how safe they feel and how much they’re enjoying the journey.

There’s nothing quite like a scooter trip with your young one

So, what next? Perhaps a short trip to the shops, or a longer and more exploratory excursion? Now that you know how to do it with your loved one in tow, that choice is very much yours!

Your child being a child, they are likely to see a scooter journey with you as a fun adventure, even if you really are just nipping out to the supermarket to buy some milk. But you could equally use the scooter for those explorations of sleepy resorts when the whole family is with you on holiday.

Really, travelling with a child on an adult scooter is one of those things that have to be experienced. What’s more, when you shop for a travel scooter kids and adults alike will love – together with the associated accessories – here at Decathlon, we can help you to make it a reality.