Is it wise to go on holiday with a scooter? After all, taking it with you for that city break on the opposite side of the globe is a lot different to using it for your daily commute or trip to the shops...

The good news is that travelling with a child or adult kick scooter – or both – certainly can make a lot of practical sense, while also making your vacation that bit more fun for everyone. However, there are still a few things to bear in mind if you want to get the most out of your trip.
Bringing a scooter or two with you on holiday: one of the best decisions you’ll ever make?

We’re not kidding! Whether you fancy packing a scooter for a bustling city break, time spent abroad in a rather more rural and tranquil spot, or another kind of recreational trip, one or more kick push scooters in your luggage could add a whole new dimension to your next holiday.

A push or electric kick scooter or two could certainly be practical. Just imagine being in a great European city with your family, and not needing to brave the cramped and sweaty metro system together, or to keep forking out ridiculous amounts of money for taxi rides between the attractions. Even buses – as cheap as they can be – you have to wait for, which can really slow down your holiday.

None of these things is a problem when everyone in your travelling party has a scooter instead! You can all simply scoot from one tourist site to the next, saving both time and money while making interesting memories along the way.

When it’s a straight choice between minutes wasted queuing for a metro train or seeing so much more and getting some exercise as you travel around on your scooter, it’s a no-brainer, surely?

In short, travelling with a kick scooter really isn’t as mad an idea as it might sound!
But what else do you need to know?

Unfortunately, you do have to keep a few practical issues in mind when you are considering whether to bring a scooter with you on holiday. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you take a scooter on a plane? There aren’t really any hard-and-fast rules here – it depends on the given airline’s policies. So, you should check with the airline that they’ll be fine with you bringing along a scooter (or however many your group ends up with!). If so, will it be in hand carry or as check-in baggage? Your scooter’s exact dimensions are likely to be a big factor, too.
  • Can the scooter be folded? Not all scooters are foldable, but the good news is that many of them are. You’ll likely be thankful for that when you need to take your scooter onto a bus or train, for example, and can fold it to minimise the amount of space it takes up. Those carriages can get pretty cramped during the summer, after all.
  • What terrain will you likely encounter? If you are set to spend your entire break in urban settings, there will hopefully be ample room to scoot along the flat pavements. If, though, you are likely to come across undulating, lumpy and/or muddy conditions, do you plan to scoot on these surfaces or not? The more difficult the ground is, the more likely that your scooter could become unstable, dirty or even damaged during the trip.

Travelling with a couple of kick push scooters for adults and kids in your group can certainly be a lot of fun and a thrilling adventure for holidaymakers of all ages! By bearing factors like the above in mind, you can help to ensure your next scooter-based break is a brilliant one from start to finish.