There’s so much to learn when you take up triathlon: techniques, training methods, gear choices, transitions, best practices, motivational tips. And all this for not one, but three distinct disciplines. You’ll have an easier and more enjoyable triathlon-for-beginners journey if you don’t try to figure it all out on your own.   


Triathlon clubs are wonderful for beginners. A club can provide resources from group training sessions to classes to coaches. Best of all, you’ll be able to join a fully-fledged community, where opportunities abound for sharing information and joining others on training sessions. 


Nothing will help you improve more effectively than formal coaching. A coach knows how to train you efficiently and safely, how to keep you motivated, and how to hone your technique in all three sports. Coaching is especially useful for swimming, which involves technical considerations few people could ever figure out on their own. 

There are many ways to engage a coach. You can do so as part of a group, through a triathlon club. You can hire a private coach. Or you can work with a coach remotely via the internet. 


You may just choose to meet people informally, maybe at the pool or the running store or the bike shop. If you find a cadre of like minded triathletes who enjoy each other’s company, you’ll get many of the benefits of a club.

You can train together (especially useful for open-water swimming, where the proximity of bodies is part of the challenge). You can share knowledge. You can motivate each other. You can even hire a coach together.


As an individual sport, triathlon doesn’t offer the built-in benefits of a team. Happily, there are many options, formal and informal, to find a community to learn from. Why not visit the internet today, to see what resources are available in your area?