SHINE | TRIBAN RC500 High Visibility Range

Your visibility and your safety are essential. We want to guarantee both using the most stringent of standards: European standard EN1150. This European standard certifies 360° visibility for non-work daytime clothing to ensure visibility in all lighting conditions, as well as at night to reflect off car headlights or street lights in an urban setting. To obtain certification, we had to meet a specific set of criteria that specifies the type of fluorescent yellow to use, maximum reflectivity before and after ageing, minimum surface area and thickness of each component. Everything was then tested and certified by an independent lab in Finland.

While this standard is already high, we wanted to go further: the position of the reflective patches take into account the rider's position while road cycling in order to be as effective as possible while riding. We have added two times more fluorescent areas than required by European standard EN1150, and three times more reflective areas, making the RC520 rain jacket more visible than our previous models.


"The European standard EN1150 is high, with specific requirements for the  surface and dimensions of reflective strips, specific location on the jacket.... I tried a lot of things before sharing the first design with the team, avoiding the "safety jacket" design that we all know. I tried to put highlights on places that need to be the most visible on bike, with reflective zones : shoulders, bottom of the back, arms, wrists…

To keep all the range coherent, I took inspiration from the Highway code signs (pedestrian crossing, dotted lines...) You can find for example the two stripes on the chest of the RC500 Jacket" explains Marion, designer at Triban.

Triban Veste Rc520 En1150 H Fgr Ah19 - 002 --- Expires On 05-06-2023.jpg
Safe yet stylish.