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Here are the 3 essential steps to maintain your skis properly:

1-In-depth cleaning

2-Properly sharpened edges

3-Carefully waxed skis

1. In-depth cleaning

The bases of the skis are subject to a lot of wear and tear: stones, dust, tar and remains of wax must be removed before waxing, or they will remain encrusted in the base.

The application of a de-waxer product is ideal for this.
2. Properly sharpened edges

Having good edges is essential for enjoying skiing safely. We advise you to seek professional help, such as that provided by the Decathlon workshops, which can provide effective tuning services which are suited to your level of ability.

You can also use an edge sharpener on the edges, working from tip to tail, using a regular motion, to maintain grip. Once more, don't hesitate to ask for advice at the workshop. We will be delighted to help you out.
3. Careful waxing

Waxing is used to maintain and protect your base as well as to ensure that the ski glides on the snow.

To do this, you must have a waxing iron, a block of wax, a ski scraper and nylon bronze finishing brush. To block the skis, you will also need a workbench and a vice.

Once the waxing iron is warm, it can be used to melt the wax slightly and add a few drops onto the base. The next step is to carefully spread the wax using the waxing iron. Be careful, do not leave the iron in the same place for several seconds or you will damage the base! Once the drying period has elapsed (at least 30 minutes), you can scrape the wax to eliminate any surplus wax and then finish off by brushing the base with the nylon bronze brush.

Useful tip : in order to avoid being troubled by the toxic vapours produced by the waxing operation, make sure that the room is well ventilated.

The types of wax to be used also depend on the use, the outdoor temperatures and the type of use:

yellow wax, suited to temperatures from -6°C to +20°C

universal wax, ideal for temperatures from -8°C to +15°C

red wax, designed for temperatures between -14°C and -4°C

blue wax, for temperatures between -25°C and -12°C

And just to make sure that you don't forget, our professional staff are available to help you. Feel free to come and see us, particularly when choosing the right wax for your needs.

Whether you wish to clean, wax or sharpen your skis, ski maintenance can be carry out by anyone as long as they are properly equipped and have been trained by professionals. For example, some stores have workshops. To find out more, contact your nearest Decathlon store.
4. Wed’ze's tip

If you prefer entrusting your skis to professionals, head to the specialised workshops in the Decathlon stores, where a trained team will take care of your equipment.

Whether your skis need cleaning, waxing, edge sharpening, tuning or end-of-season maintenance, they take care of everyt​hing!