Walking need not be a lonely endeavour. Through joining a local club or team, be it for power walking, race walking or Nordic walking, you can learn proper form and technique from more experienced walkers, and get to know people and maybe even develop a little friendly competition. What’s not to want? Here are our top organisations to get in touch with so you can get started.

# MeetUp - www.meetup.com

This website offers meetings of all varieties from business talks to cookery classes, and from yoga to sketch groups. It’s also a great place to find groups welcoming fitness-orientated walking for beginners. Power walking, race walking, and Nordic walking groups are all present on meetup. So, if you are looking for some company while you exercise, some tips on your technique or to take your walking routines to a competitive level, meetup is a great place to start.

# Ramblers 

Ramblers is a walking organisation focussed around health and connecting with nature. These walks are organised and led by walk leaders and take place across England, Scotland and Wales. They have a range of walks available, although these walks tend to be paced and peaceful and often take place in the countryside, and so begin to delve into hiking territory.

# Race Walk UK - www.racewalkuk.com/map

Race Walk UK is a website that features an introduction to racewalking, it’s history and details of the competitions that take place in the United Kingdom. It even has an interactive map that lets you find clubs or competitions in their GPS stamped locations. If you’re looking to get competitive, this is the site to visit.

# Nordic Walking UK - www.nordicwalking.co.uk 

Nordic Walking UK is a subscription-based Nordic Walking organisation, with clubs and events across England and Scotland. The organisation offers education on the history of Nordic Walking, with instructors, classes, competitions, community projects, and even diet guides. You can also train to become an instructor yourself — once you’ve got some experience under your belt — and can take part in the Nordic Walking UK Festival, which takes place once a year. 

If there are no clubs or classes within a suitable distance, there are many tutorials on YouTube regarding form and technique. You could even find some like-minded individuals who are interested in getting more exercise and getting out in the fresh air, then start your own walking group. 

As always with any exercise activity or sport, the most important thing is to get out and start moving. The benefits of joining a walking club include exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, alongside like-minded company and a sense of community — get involved.