Travelling light with bags that attach directly to the different parts of the bike: bikepacking is a new way to travel by bike. On a quest for light weight and freedom, bikepackers are explorers who venture off the beaten path.

Freedom and Minimalism

To make it easy, bikepacking is the minimalist version of bike travel. It's the happy medium between the desire to travel by trail, and the necessity of carrying camping equipment. Bikepacking is the freedom to explore the most beautiful hiking trails, ride over forgotten paths, and discover isolated routes. Because of its minimalism, bikepacking carries you to the same places as walking, but with the feeling and fun of biking


No need for a special bike or a pannier rack, bikepacking bags attach directly onto the frame. They hug the saddle tube, attach directly to the handlebars, or take advantage of the space within the central triangle of your frame. The main parts of a bikepacking kit are a saddle bag, a frame bag, and a handlebar bag. Bike packing bags are lightweight and allow for a better distribution of weight on the bike.

Where you want, when you want

Bikepacking gives you access to all sorts of terrain. It is compatible with both roads and trails. It allows you to travel autonomously while keeping your bike lightweight and easy to handle. The ideal length of a bikepacking trip is however much time you have. What about just a night out under the stars? Or some place else? Go explore the ends of the earth with all your belongings in your bikepacking bags.


Bikepacking was born in the United States in the late 2000s. Today, there is a true culture built up around the practice. Many itineraries have been shared by the community, and events bring bikepackers together in North America, Europe, and elsewhere.

So are you convinced? The only danger of bikepacking is its addictive nature. For us, trying it meant loving it. Bikepackers are modern-day explorers. So what's your next destination?

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