Yoga is amazing at helping relieve stress and boost relaxation, as well as gently exercise--all which are necessary during a pregnancy. However, some types of yoga are better for pregnant women than others. We’ll help walk you through how yoga can help your pregnancy and which types of yoga is best for you during this time.
Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Yoga has been found to be wonderful for overall wellness. It also has been found to be complementary to pregnancy wellness.

Yoga has been found to: improve sleep, reduce stress, increase strength, flexibility and endurance, decrease back pain, nausea and headaches. Even better, there is a reduced risk of preterm labor and a lower risk of intrauterine growth restriction--which slows your baby’s growth.

That’s all to say that yoga is beneficial to pregnancy.
What Yoga is Good for Pregnancy?

  • Hatha Yoga: This type of yoga promotes deep breathing, mindfulness and relaxation. It is also slow and steady, making it a perfect prenatal class.
  • Integral Yoga: This practice combines many different types of yoga into one class. With breathing, chanting and meditation, it’s a wonderful way to stay centered.
  • Iyengar Yoga: Take on the physical challenge of yoga without much of the spirituality with this type of yoga. With a focus on the poses, it uses many props like blocks, benches and straps.
  • Prenatal Yoga: Best of all, there are classes specifically designed for pregnancy. Choose a prenatal class and you’ll have the support you need at any stage in your pregnancy.
What to Avoid

Yoga is a means of relaxation--so you don’t need to push yourself, which can be detrimental to a pregnancy. Avoid yoga practices that require a hot environment, like Bikram or Hot Yoga. Those can cause hyperthermia in expecting mothers.

You’ll also want to avoid poses where you lie completely flat on your back or require abdominal stretching. Finally, if you’re at risk of premature labor, you’ll want to avoid yoga. All in all, it’s important to consult your doctor before starting any practice.