Where can you play cricket? A guide for beginners.

You can literally have a game of cricket for fun anywhere – in the garden, the park, the beach, the street – even in a sports hall. It doesn’t always have to be a formal game with a hard ball and pads. 

There are even indoor cricket leagues where you can enter a team of friends or workmates and work your way up a league. This is a great way to learn cricket for beginners – and you can even enter mixed sides!

Or you can go straight into the classic, 11-a-side hard-ball game by joining your local club.

Kwik Cricket

Mainly played between state primary and middle schools, with a strong emphasis on participation and enjoyment. It’s regulated by your County Cricket Board and played by children of all genders up to the age of 11. To find out how to get your school involved, go to https://www.ecb.co.uk/play/junior/kwik-cricket/get-involved

Indoor cricket

This is a fast, exciting version of the game – at times, it’s like 8-man squash! There are two types of indoor cricket you can play. One with a hard ball and one with a soft ball and a tension net so the ball constantly bounces back into play. 

Soft ball/tension net cricket.

There are local, national and international leagues in this format – but it’s also a great way to start playing cricket for beginners. Just grab a bunch of mates and book a court. You can go to any of the eight Official ECB dedicated centres in Bristol, Canary Wharf, Derby, Gillingham, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham and Wolverhampton. Most County Cricket Boards also run a couple of indoor centres in their areas and you can also find lots of commercial indoor cricket centres in most cities.

Hard Ball Indoor Cricket.

This is not really a suitable form of cricket for beginners, as it’s aimed at people who’ve played before (sometimes club players play it in the winter), so best to leave this until you’ve gained more experience.

Traditional (hard ball) Cricket

As exciting as the other forms are, there’s nothing like going out to bat in your whites for your club on the village green. 

Club cricket

There are over 3000 clubs catering for men, women and juniors all over the country. You’ll be sure of a warm welcome at every single one of them – just call the contact number and say you’d like to join, or turn up on one of the training nights and just ask to join in. By the end of the evening, you’ll have a bunch of new friends and no free Saturdays all summer!

As you get better, you might want to play in a higher league and possibly even for your county! But you have to start somewhere – so we suggest you start here: www.ecb.co.uk/play/find-a-club

School cricket

If you’re lucky enough to go to a school that plays cricket, you’ll be able to just ask one of the teachers if you can join the team at the beginning of summer term. If, on the other hand, your school doesn’t have a team, all is not lost – why not buttonhole a friendly PE teacher and ask if he’d help you set up a team? If you can get a few players together, you can even arrange games against other schools, and join a schools league. Just ask your teacher to go this website: https://www.schoolscricket.com/default.aspx