Here’s our recommendations on where to ramble.

The Lake District’s reputation as a quintessential British hiking hotspot, explains its historic fame as the homestead of some of our country’s famous poets. The Lake poets are internationally acclaimed poets who lived in the area during the early 19th century. The beauty and magnificence may see you stopping off at a local open mic night on your way home. Let’s run through our favourite hikes in the Lake District:
1) Scafell Pike

The highest mountain in England, the 896-metre peak will allow you to see other mountain ranges across the whole of the United Kingdom on a clear day, with breathtaking panoramic views. Just a mile South of Seatoller village is Seathwaite farm, where you can park. You can also camp at the farm, which is a lovely location for weekend away.

2) Borger Dalr

One of many hikes in our kingdom that sounds like something from Lord of the Rings, this hike will treat you tranquil sights and moderate heights. Two more elevated sections worth a climb are the ancient hill fort of Castle Crag and the wonderful viewpoint of Peace How (back your binoculars).

3) Roman High Street Circuit

Beginning at the village of Hartsop, this route will take you through the wild Pasture Beck Valley, with its stunning greenery, choppy hillside and deep blue lakes. The routes peak, Thornthwaite Crag, is the highest point in the east of the district, with views reaching the Pennines and surrounding Lakeland.

4) Buttermere

This stunning stroll is a regular on top ten lists of where to ramble in the national park. Buttermere’s selling point is its beauty, though it has some tough competition in every direction. An easier hike, which may be an ideal choice for beginners or family outings, the circular route around the shores of its idyllic lake will provide you with views of the surrounding peaks, and might inspire you to take your boots up to higher ground. Those boots were made for walking.

5) Helvellyn

Featuring in our top UK hiking destinations, this isn’t one to be missed. Featuring the third tallest peak in the District, Striding Edge. This is a tough hike, and shouldn’t be tackled unless you have some experience with more challenging routes. Follow our hiking essentials guide and take things steadily. When you’re ready, Helvellyn will show you nature at its finest, and its most challenging. Make sure you pack correctly, check the weather and unless you are a serial mountaineer, with friends.