How to find the best City Cycling Advice

Free cycle lessons

Take an urban cycle skills course with a certified instructor and learn the basics, from how to ride a bike to how to cycle on busy roads. Search online for “bicycle lessons” in your area and take your pick from a variety of courses to teach you how to cycle, even if you’ve never ridden a bike before. Visit for more information.

Bike clubs

Visit the “Club Finder” section of British Cycling’s website to find a club within your radius, postcode, city, or region. Spend some time researching bike clubs to see if they offer city cycling instruction. Don’t be shy about reaching out to a club to see if a member would be willing to share their best advice about cycling in the city.

Your local bike shop

Chat up the folks at your local bike shop to see if they offer cycle skills lessons for urban cycling. While you’re there, have them check out your bike to make sure it’s street-ready.

Cycling friends or co-workers

Know someone who cycles regularly to work or school? Ask them to share their best advice for cycling in the city with you. Better yet, invite them on a ride and make the destination a reward for the journey, which is all about them teaching you how to cycle in the city.

You see them all over the city – other cyclists out enjoying getting around by bike. More cyclists on the road equals fewer automobiles crowding the streets so it’s an all-around benefit to help new riders like you get the skills they need to cycle in the city. You’ve got options, all you have to do is ask!