There are so many places you can learn from in the modern age. Traditionally, going down to the water, chatting to the other fishermen, and just learning from experience are the best ways. Most people on the bank are decent and friendly and will do all they can to help (although there’s always the odd one who’ll try to put you off the scent!). On the other hand, some of the country’s best fishermen are now surprisingly accessible online, and you can hugely increase your enjoyment by learning from them. 

Here’s a summary of the best places for the carp fishing beginner to learn:

Magazines and online blogs

There are loads of magazines where you can pick up tips on how and where to fish. Anglers Mail, Carp Fisherman, Total Carp, Angling Times and Fishtec are great for carp fishing for beginners, and if you want some more advanced pointers, go to mags like Carp World, Carp Talk, Crafty Carper, Carpology and Big Carp Magazine.


Chatrooms like,, and even the carp areas at Fishing Magic and Total Fishing play a massively important role in telling beginners and experts alike about new baits that are driving fish wild, new products or even hook sizes that are working well in what waters. Be careful though, since (as with most social media nowadays) they tend to be the domain of “Keyboard Warriors” – easy to come across, not so easy to walk away. But do. You’ll be so glad you did


An absolute treasure trove of fascinating insights, patient explanations and honest clarity from some of the legends of the Carping World. You can learn so much in a single evening listening to people like Rob Maylin, Terry Hearn, Jonny Banister, Frank Warwick, Lee Jackson, John O’Driscoll.

A hugely detailed news site with a searchable map of 120 places to fish, packed with useful details on each specific fishery, thoughtful reviews, prices, opening times and rules. The “where to fish” map is quite hard to find on the site – buried as it is under the news – but is well worth searching for.


The carp fishing magazines also have sections on venues. Look out for magazines like Anglers Mail, Carp Fisherman, Total Carp, Big Carp Magazine, angling times, fishtec, Carp world, carp talk, crafty carper and carpology