1. To Get Even More Relaxed

That “runner’s high” is real. It comes from endorphins released into your blood during exercise. These endorphins are natural, utterly satisfying, and guaranteed to never get you in trouble with customs officials.

2. To Stay Healthy

Holidays should be good for you. They’re supposed to be a break from the things that wear you down. So there’s no reason to break from the things that maintain your health and well-being.

3. To See Area From a Different Perspective

You’ll see more from local roads and paths, especially at a jogging pace. Why speed through unexplored towns and lands? Why keep all the people and places out of reach, with a car window between you?

4. To Burn Off All Those Holiday Calories

What better way to strip the guilt from all those guilty holiday pleasures? Enjoy your magnificent meals and tropical cocktails. And then run them off.

5. To Meet Locals

Find local runners through running shops, online message boards, or a Meetup. Turn running into a social activity and make new friends.

6. To Enjoy Nature

Find a trail or a park or shoreline path and get away from civilization for a little while. Take in the sights and the quiet and the fresh air.

7. To Get Some Time to Yourself

Or conversely, use your run to get away from everyone. Claim some valuable me-time.

8. To Get Moving Early

The heat of summer often makes an early start appealing. Take advantage of being an early bird to jump-start your day.

9. To Justify a Lazy Afternoon

No need to feel guilty for lounging on the beach or poolside if you’ve already put in your miles.

10. For the Pleasure of Running!

You enjoy running, yes? And holidays are for doing what you love.