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Follow Domyos' advice to get your day off to a great start.
1. Stretching When You Wake Up: Good For Mind And Body!

Not enough sleep or a rude awakening?

However you feel in the morning, don't skip your stretching.

It's a fantastic way of starting your day as it gives your body a bit of oomph. A good stretch relaxes you and fills you full of energy when you get up.

So make sure you dedicate a bit of time to it before you kick start your day!
2. Rediscovering Your Energy

Stretching first thing in the morning rebalances your energy gently. You'll blow away those early morning cobwebs and boost your body.

> Muscles that are at their optimal length will absorb oxygen better and get rid of toxins

> Stretching out your spine gives you back your energy after your night's rest

> Well-stretched muscles, joints and bones promote better blood flow.
3. Improving Your Mobility

Stretching makes your muscle tissue and joints more supple. This will give your muscles their dynamism back and make your body more mobile.

Stretching exercises help you prevent those day-to-day aches and pains or tension that can build up.
4. 3 Minutes To Stretch: A Cunning Plan

> Stand with your feet parallel, hip width apart, and gently drop your head forwards with your chin tucked in.

> Bend your shoulders and roll your back down, one vertebra at a time.

> Let your arms hang towards the floor.

> Lower your chest while keeping your legs straight and your body weight slightly forward, with your head looking between your knees.

> The rest of your body should be perfectly relaxed, and you should feel no tension in your arms or neck. There's no point forcing yourself to try to touch your toes, so just let your body do what feels natural. Try to empty your head and breathe deeply (abdominal breathing). Relax and stay in this position for three minutes.

> Keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed, gradually roll yourself back up into a standing position, starting from your hips and then moving up to your lower back, upper back and neck.

It takes just a few minutes when you get up to do this exercise and get your day off to the best possible start!