If so, you’ll want to pick a Christmas gift that’s perfect for their tastes. We can help.

Picking the right gift for Christmas can feel like an impossible puzzle to solve. Worry not. If you have a yogi in your life--or maybe you’re that yogi who deserves a little something special for yourself--you have plenty of amazing options. We’re here to help narrow down your options.
Yoga Mat Bag

Yogis are likely to already have a mat that they love. But maybe they don’t have a mat bag! Anyone who hits a yoga class outside of their home needs a bag--carrying a mat without one is a drag. We’d suggest bags and not straps, because they hold the whole mat and protect it from the elements. Choose one that even has a pouch for keys and other small items, and you’re yogi will be thrilled.

Yoga Mat Towel

Forget the grippy socks and gloves. A grippy yoga mat is what they really need. Mat towels grip to prevent feet and hands from slipping, and they’re super lightweight, so they’re easy to carry or stash in that yoga mat bag you got them. It’s a perfect gift because they can keep on using their favorite mat, just with more comfort than ever.

Yoga Cards

Well, we can’t say that your yogi needs yoga cards, like they need the two gifts above, but yoga cards make a great gift. The best cards depict many poses on one side and break down the practice in words on the other. Your yogi can just pick a pose out of the deck and practice a new pose each day of the week.

Fun Leggings

Yogis live and breath in yoga clothes. And there’s nothing more standard in yoga clothes than tight leggings. They make it simple to do any position, and offer full coverage. Try and pick a fun design that will bring a smile to your yogi’s face--or at least a pair and a color that you haven’t seen them wearing every other day.

Sweater or Poncho

After savasana, the body’s temperature goes way down--especially after hot and vigorous classes like power yoga or Bikram. That’s why yogis need layers for the end of class or afterward, when they’re running errands or heading back home for a post-class shower. Pick something soft and flowy, and any yogi will be glad.

Zen Jewelry

There’s plenty of yoga-inspired jewelry out there. Your loved one will love a piece of jewelry that can serve as a conversation starter. Perhaps choose an ohm or hamsa, which symbolises the hand of god and protects those who wear it. You can’t go wrong with a tasteful bracelet, necklace or anklet.

Travel Bag

A small bag specifically for practice makes it easy to transition from work or plans with friends to class. Pick a compact bag with plenty of storage options--a pocket made for sweaty clothes is a must if your yogi is planning on changing after class. You’ll want to make sure there’s a pocket for smaller items like wallet and phone too--your yogi can’t bring those into class.

Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. And they’re perfect for the yogi who is practicing mindfulness. Coloring books are made to rid the user of stress and racing thoughts. Pick a book that matches the personality and look of your loved one, and you can’t go wrong. Want to step it up? Get a few colored pens or pencils to match.

Water Bottle

Yogis are a thirsty bunch--it’s all those heated classes and sweat. Help your yogi stay hydrated by getting a fancy water bottle they can bring with them everywhere. Not only is a reusable water bottle more environmentally friendly, but they can offer cool features too. We’d suggest a fruit infuser bottle, which makes water taste better, or a filter water bottle, which ensures that any source of water is clean and refreshing.