Whether you want to keep the sun and spray out of your eyes, affect an air of retro-cool while sipping your espresso, or shore up the vents in your helmet against freezing wind and rain, there’s a cycling cap for you.

Cycling caps can generally be worn underneath helmets or on their own and they come – like all cycling apparel – in a range of different fabrics and styles.

So let’s get a head start and take a closer look at what type of riding and weather they’re best suited to.


Caps can be made of synthetic or natural fabrics. The traditional cycling cap, still known by its French name ‘casquette’, and predates the modern helmet by many decades, so it’s only right that it should still be made from 100% cotton. The Van Rysel RoadR 500 cap follows the classic design with its four panels and a peak that can be worn close over the eyes or popped up – but it comes in contemporary colours that give it a modern twist including khaki/fluo green and cardinal pink/navy/coral pink.

Meanwhile, the Van Rysel RoadR 520 Ultralight cap is made from a technical super-light polyamide and elastane mix designed to dry very quickly, making it effective even when you’re sweating.

The Van Rysel Aquafreeze Helmet Liner uses polypropylene and polyester to keep water from penetrating its hydrophobic surface, keeping your head warm in foul weather.

Like the Aquafreeze, the Van Rysel 500 seamless helmet liner and the Van Rysel 500 seamless headband are made from technical fibres – in this case, a thin, stretchy fleece.


For deep winter, fleece is great for added thermal comfort thanks to its fine pile that traps a layer of warm air next to the skin. Additionally, the Van Rysel 500 seamless helmet liner and seamless headband, which make great use of fleece, can be pulled down over your forehead and ears for extra coverage.

Pull on the Van Rysel Aquafreeze Helmet liner if you’re heading out in really nasty conditions in winter, early spring or late autumn.

For autumn or spring the Van Rysel RoadR 520 Ultralight cap supplies that extra bit of thermal comfort when it’s not cold enough to cover your ears, and because it wicks efficiently there’s no danger of overheating when you’re putting in hard efforts.

The Van Rysel RoadR 500 cotton cap is a simple but highly versatile piece of kit that can mostly be worn all year round.


Cycling caps are close-fitting and made from thin fabrics so that they can be worn under helmets. Cotton doesn’t stretch, but the RoadR 500 cap has an elasticated rear that keeps it snug, while the synthetic caps hug the head thanks to fabrics such as polyamide and elastane.


The cotton cycling cap has become a retro fashion statement in the last few years. It can be worn in many different ways – including turned backwards to protect the neck from sunburn – but for an ultimate style guide look at the cyclists of the Sixties such as Tom Simpson for inspiration.


Whether you’re fighting brain freeze in mid-winter or adding a touch of cool to your summer look, there’s a cycling cap for you.