How does it work?

This cardio exercise increases heart rate and strengthens lower body muscles, improves coordination. It also helps burn calories and control appetite.

How to do it?

  1. Starting from the left of the stepper, stand on your toes in steady mode.
  2. Lift the left foot and place it on the stepper. keep knees soft and folded
  3. Tap left foot twice from one end to another end of the stepper simultaneously moving towards the right. 
  4. Take the left foot down after reach the right end and switch to the right leg.
  5. Repeat the steps from 2 to 4 and move towards the left of the stepper.

Steps should not be taken too wide, this will assist in the hip swing.

How many sets?

3 mins exercise with 3 repetitions without stopping followed by 30 seconds of rest.