Crow Pose helps to strengthen the wrist, forearms,abdomen while stretching your upper back and improving balance and core strength. You may also improve your spatial awareness of and enhance your body control.

Safety Instructions and Technique:

  • Bend your knees slightly so that you can lie your palms flat on the floor, about shoulder's distance apart.
  • Plant your palms firmly on the mat about a foot in front of your feet. Spread your fingers wide and press into the top joint of each finger.
  • Bend your elbows straight back but don't bend them fully
  • Come up onto the balls of your feet and open your knees so that they line up with your upper arms.
  • Place your knees on the backs of your upper arms.
  • Begin to bring your weight forward into your hands, lifting your head as you go.
  • Come up onto your tiptoes, then lift one foot and then the other off the floor.Engage the inner thighs for support while keeping the knees on the arms.
  • Press your feet toward your buttocks. Focus on the feeling of the body lifting. Avoid sinking into the pose, which can dump weight into the shoulders.
  • As you bring yourself out of the pose, exhale and transfer your weight back until your feet come back to the floor.

Keep your gaze lifted to the horizon. Do not look down or let your head drop. This will cause you to tip forward and lose balance.