With a large volume of blood supply to the head, this helps with conditioning to the brain, eyes, and ears.It also helps to remove mental fatigue, depression, and anxiety. It also improves memory and the ability to concentrate. This Asana stimulates and regulates all the body's systems, allowing physical and mental contentment and aids spiritual progress.

Safety Instructions and Technique:

  • Seated in Vajrasana, interlock your fingers and move your body forward, placing the forearms on the floor as you go. Spread the elbows slightly more than shoulder-width apart, forming an equilateral triangle.
  • Place the crown of your head in the space between your palms. Gently press your hands against your head to get a firm grip.
  • Raise your buttocks off the floor, and straighten your arms and knees.
  • Take as many steps as possible towards your head without straining.
  • Slightly bend the knees and tuck your thighs in your abdomen and chest. Then slowly shift the weight of your body from toes to head and arms. Make sure to keep your body balanced throughout.
  • Carefully lift one foot off the ground , keeping balanced at all times. Then do the same with the other foot.
  • Slowly bend your knees, bringing the heels close to your buttocks.
  • Then slowly raise your legs vertically, either one by one or together. Keep your body straight at all times. This will be your final position.
  • Hold the pose for as long as it feels comfortable, whilst breathing normally.
  • Slowly lower the legs by bending the knees and bringing the feet towards the buttocks and then the toes to the floor.
  • After a relaxing lean forward, return to Vajrasana.

Avoid if:

You are menstruating or suffer from high blood pressure, dizziness, cerebrovascular disorders, glaucoma, or problems of the cervical spine.