To improve balance and strengthen the legs, feet, ankles and abdominal muscles.


Hamstrings, shoulders and upper back.

Safety Instructions and Technique

Place a yoga brick on the mat in front of you. Stand on the yoga mat, position one leg straight and forward, and then push your second leg far behind your body to get an effective spread. 

Take a deep breath, then stretch your arms out sideways at shoulder height and parallel to the floor, with palms down. 

Exhale, and slide your hand along your front leg, stretching the pelvis and torso to one side. Depending on your flexibility, the hand may make contact with brick that is placed next to the front leg. 

After this, stretch the arm opposite upwards, in line with the shoulders, making sure to keep your head in a neutral position or looking towards the hand which is pointing skywards. 

As you stretch the spine and side of the body, you'll feel a release in your legs. To finish, align the hips, legs, and torso on the same plane.


6-8 deep breaths.

Avoid if :

You are suffering from joint pain or neck pain.