To develop concentration and coordination of the body, improve confidence and rooting.

Tips: Breathing and Repetition

The breathing is identical for each of these balancing postures. After the your balance is stabilized, breathe in and out deeply through the nose,following the process below:

  • inhale on 3 beats (mentally count 1-2-3 during inhalation).
  • Retain the air, the lungs are full over 2 times (mentally count 1-2 during retention).
  • Exhale on 5 beats. The lungs will empty out in 2 stages.

Hold each posture for 5 respiratory cycles. You can repeat the postures several times or perform them separately. To get the very most out of the exercise, perform the postures twice a day, morning and evening.

The Tree Pose

This is a quintessential balancing posture. The Tree Pose requires attention and concentration to stabilise.

Safety Instructions and Technique:

  • Start of standing, with your feet together, and gently carry your weight on the leg that will be in support.
  • As you start to bend the other leg to put the foot flat along the thigh of the support leg. The foot of the bent leg is turned outward at 90 °.
  • The arms can be raised above the head, palms joined or in front of you, or on the sides, palms facing the sky. In order to protect your joint, make sure to avoid your knee.
The Boat Pose

The Boat Pose requires you to balance on the tripod of your sitting bones and tailbone.

Safety Instructions and Technique

  • While sitting on the Yoga Mat with your legs together, bring your knees to your chest and lift your feet to balance your buttocks. 
  • Tighten the abs, lower the shoulder blades and grab the calves by passing the arms under the thighs, which will make it easier to keep your ankles at knee height.
  • After this, let go of your hands and bring the arms parallel to the ground, allowing your body to take the form of a "boat". If you find this posture difficult, don't hesitate to use a strap to help make it more accessible. 

Do not practice after intense effort or during digestion. 

Avoid if

Pregnant or if there is a concern of hernias.

The Dance Pose

The Dance Posture brings attention to detail for creating openness and expansion while maintaining balance on one leg.

Safety Instructions and Technique:

  • Start of standing up, with your feet should be parallel and pelvis width apart.
  • Go onto on one leg, bend your knee, place your heel over the buttock and grab hold of your ankle.
  • Bring the hip down and forward. Raise the sole of the foot to the sky and, with this action, open your chest forward. If needed, use a yoga strap to help keep your foot raised. Take caution to not spread your raised leg outward and aim to keep it in line with your hip.