To strengthen the core muscles and thighs, stretching the back of the legs, lower back, spine, open out your hips and helps you concentrate on your breathing.

Tips: Breathing and Repetition

For each of these postures, the breathing is identical. After the balance is stabilized, breathe in and out deeply through the nose and follow the process below:

  • Inhale on 3 beats (mentally count 1-2-3 during inhalation)
  • Retain the air, the lungs are full on more than 2 occasions (mentally count 1-2 during retention).
  • Exhale on 5 beats. Allow the lungs to empty out in 2 stages.

Hold each posture for 5 respiratory cycles. To get the full effects of the exercise, perform the postures every day, preferably in the morning because they are invigorating and can disturb sleep.

The Lunge

This pose helps lengthen, stretch and tone the spine. Also develops hip flexibility

Safety Instructions and Technique:

Begin by getting into a lunge position with your extended knee off the ground. To do this, push your back heel as if it were trying to reach the wall behind you. Make sure the front knee is above the ankle at a right angle. Keep your head in line with your spine and stretch your back. You can place the knee on the ground to make it easier and imagine that your hips are sinking in to the ground (moving downwards and forward).

Avoid this posture if you experience joint pain, especially in your hips and knees.

Reverse Triangle Posture

This pose helps develop strength, flexibility and resistance

Safety Instructions and Technique:

Stand on the yoga mat, and position one leg forward and straight, then position your second leg far behind to get an effective spread. Take a deep breath, then stretch your arms out sideways at shoulder height and parallel to the floor, palms down. Exhale, stretching the pelvis and torso to one side by sliding the hand along your front leg. Depending on your flexibility, the hand will make contact with brick that next to the front leg. After this, stretch the arm opposite to the upwards, in line with the shoulders and make sure to keep the head in neutral position or looking towards the hand which is pointing skywards. You'll feel a release in your legs as you stretch the spine and side of the body. Align the hips, legs and torso on the same plane.

Avoid the posture during joint pain.

Half Moon Posture

This pose helps to strengthen and tone your thigh muscles and upper body, promote self-confidence and inner strength.

Safety Instructions and Technique:

Supported by the brick, stand in the Reverse Triangle position as seen above. Tilt your chest forward to try to hit the ground. Lift your right leg at a right angle and simultaneously raise your right arm to the sky by turning your chest. Hold this position for a few moments. If you are comfortable, you will be able to look to your right hand. Otherwise keep your eyesight on the ground. Once done, repeat on your left side.

Avoid the position if you have joint pain or hypertension.