To focus on moments of relaxation through postures that promote breathing and meditation. Some postures, although very simple, allow for smooth progress.

Tips: Breathing

For each of these postures, breathing is identical. Breathe in and out deeply through your nose and start focusing your attention on your body. When you become aware of a part of your body, soften it and relax it.

Diamond Posture

This pose helps soften the knees and ankles, stimulate the organs and the pelvis.

Safety Instructions and Technique:

Sit on your knees, and place your shins on the floor. Spread your heels, place a brick in front of you then and put your buttocks on the brick between the heels. Place your hands flat on your knees and keep your back straight.

Avoid this posture during joint pain, especially ankles and knees.

Tailor's Posture

This pose promotes breathing exercises and open hips, stretch the spine and release tension and release stress.

Safety Instructions and Technique:

Sit cross-legged. Straighten your back with your head in line with the spine, and raise your face upwards while bringing your arms on the back of your head in the namstey pose. Slowly bring you chin down, bringing your hand to your front and place them on your knees. Turn the palms up, join the thumbs and index fingers to promote the circulation of energy. If necessary to feel comfortable and help focus your breath, place a yoga zafu or brick under your hip. Avoid the position if you have joint pain, especially if knee-related.

Cow Head Posture

This pose helps soften the hips, soften the shoulders, stimulate and tone the spine, and finally stabilise the vital energy by equalising the emotional ups and downs.

Safety Instructions and Technique:

From the posture of the diamond (sitting on the heels), sit on one of the sides of your heels. Pass one leg over the other and bring the foot back, near the buttock.Your knees are overlapped. Keep your upper body straight, clear your chest and shoulders. With the help of a yoga strap, hook your hands together at chest level round your back. Then, spread your elbows, and bring your arms in opposite directions. If the position is uncomfortable, put a cushion under your buttock. Try to feel as balanced and comfort as possible whilst in this posture.

Avoid the position if you are experiencing joint pain.