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06 Nov 2018


Learn more about the different types of golf shoes so you can buy the best golf shoes for you.

On a typical golf course you will have likely walked more than five miles before finding sanctuary at the 19th hole. Therefore it is vital that you choose the best golf shoes for you. Golf manufacturers such as FootJoy, Adidas and our own passion brand Inesis have invested huge resources in turning golf shoes into a game improvement product. Golfers are now thinking more about how their golf shoe can benefit their game and own different shoes for different conditions. Here we’ll compare the most popular types of golf shoes and discuss whether different playing conditions merit buying more than one pair of shoes.


Spikeless Golf Shoes - Summer Golf Shoes

The development of spikeless golf shoes has revolutionised the golf shoe industry. Initially designed for comfort and style, spikeless shoes are quickly on their way to becoming the most popular golf shoe on the market and tour. Thanks to their casual street style, breathability and lightweight nature, these shoes are perfect for the hot and dry summer months. Another major advantage is that you can walk straight into the clubhouse once you’ve finished your round without the need to change.

Typically spikeless shoes are flat soled and feature rubber studs instead of traditional golf spikes. Fears surrounding a lack of stability and waterproofing are quickly being eradicated with new designs. The rubber studs offer superb grip on dry ground and ensure you don’t sacrifice any stability in these conditions. Most new spikeless shoes are also waterproof, meaning you won’t get caught out in a summer shower. For ease and comfort there simply is no beating a spikeless golf shoe, and now you don’t have to sacrifice on performance either.


Golf Spikes / Golf Cleats - Winter Golf Shoes

If you’re after the classic look along with maximum stability in even the wettest conditions then you’ll want to consider spiked golf shoes. The traditional metal spikes are a thing of yesteryear, having been replaced by a soft plastic spike. These are much kinder to the course yet still hold firm in the grass and will release easily through impact. With much golf in the UK played in wet and windy conditions it’s definitely worth investing in a pair of spikes that will provide a solid foundation to your round.  

It is worth pointing out that these soft spikes will wear away over time and snap off, meaning you will need to replace them.  You will also pick up plenty of muck and debris in your spikes, meaning they will need a regular clean to ensure you don’t lose traction. Though not as convenient as a spikeless shoe, golf spikes will offer maximum stability when cared for properly.


Once you’ve decided which type of shoe to buy you then need to consider the materials used…


Leather Golf Shoes

Leather golf shoes are the most common and popular shoe on the market. This is because leather offers unparalleled comfort, great breathability and a nice snug fit. The best leather golf shoes will also be remarkably lightweight, making them great for the summer months.

They’re not waterproof as standard, however manufacturers will sometimes process the leather to make it waterproof as well, thereby making them suitable for winter golf. The price should reflect the quality of the leather and waterproofing, but make sure you check the guarantee as many brands will only guarantee one year of waterproof golf.


Waterproof Golf Shoes

Playing golf in the rain is sadly something we’re all too familiar with in the UK. Therefore you’ll want to make sure you have a pair of waterproof golf shoes ready for when the weather turns. The best waterproof golf shoes will be made using a lining that keeps your feet dry and also allows some breathability. However as the lining needs to be thick and non-porous, waterproof golf shoes will be much warmer than standard leather golf shoes. Therefore they may not be the right shoes to wear on a hot summers day or a trip abroad, but are perfect for a cold damp winters day.


Synthetic Golf Shoes

Synthetic golf shoes offer a cheaper alternative to leather by using a man made upper material. Other than price, the main benefit is that they are an extremely lightweight golf shoe. However the polyester lining isn’t always particularly breathable, so don’t assume they’ll be more suitable for summer golf than a pair of good leather golf shoes.



Hopefully you’re now in a better position to make a decision on what type of golf shoe you want. Before buying a pair of golf shoes we strongly recommend trying a few pairs on to make sure you find the right fit for you. You cannot underestimate the importance of a comfortable pair of shoes and a solid base to your swing. And while everyone wants to look good on the course, don’t choose style over performance and comfort. Check out the full range of our golf shoes online using the link below before popping into your local store to try them on.


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