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29 Jan 2019

How To Choose Weight Of A Field Hockey Stick

Back when hockey was commonly played on grass we would have sticks weighing between light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. The reason for this was to help deal with the grass length, the longer the grass the harder it would be to hit the ball, so a heavier stick aided hitting.

However in the 1990s synthetic astro turf pitches became increasingly popular which made it less necessary to have a heavy stick. In the 2000s water based pitches became more common. These remain the choice of elite standard players as the pitch allows greater weighting of passes, more predictable bounce of ball and a truer imitation of grass pitches. In the 2010s sand dressed pitches provided a similar standard to water based pitches but nearer the affordable cost of sand based pitches.

These developments in the playing surfaces mean we are now in a position that the weight of a hockey stick is rarely more than a light. You will find some are available in super light. You will have higher head speed when striking, but less weight behind the strike - technique becomes key. You can still find some sticks available in medium and heavy but they are exceptionally rare.

In nearly every case we would recommend a player use a lightweight stick. It’s a great position to develop good technique no matter what standard you are playing at.

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Simon Webb, UK Field Hockey Leader:

The Hockey Family is a concept I believe in whole heartedly. I’ve played hockey all over the world and the bond we share is unique. It’s a sport of respect, fun, athleticism and equality. I’ve been lucky to manage at international and national level, umpire regional competitive games and national league friendlies, volunteer in European and Olympic competitions, be a journalist & photographer.

By being part of the Decathlon Field Hockey Project I am so happy to help millions of people enjoy the sport I love and live! Nothing thrills me more than to hear stories of hockey so please get in contact!

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