Simond has a rich history in the world of Climbing and Mountaineering and we thought that we would share some of it with you here.

Based in the Chamonix Valley, at the foot of Mont Blanc, Simond has been developing climbing mountaineering equipment for over 150 years and is set to continue to do so for the next 150 years.

Joining the Decathlon network in 2008 has allowed Simond to expand the product range to include ropes, harnesses, backpacks, clothing and footwear. All of them are designed in Les Houches, and are tried and tested in the field by our users to ensure you can have complete confidence when using them.

Simond are in contact with climbers from across the world all year round to develop innovative, simple, reliable and efficient products designed for all forms of climbing, including Bouldering, Roped Climbing, Mountaineering and Ice Climbing


Some of our achievements include:

1948 - First tubular carabiner.


1950 -First ascent of Annapurna, first 8000er to be climbed.


1953 - First ascent of Everest – 8848m (Hillary & Tensing).


1970 - First entirely metal ice axe – Metallic 720.


1971 - First ascent of W pillar of Makalu – 8470m.


1972 - First 100% asymmetric rigid crampon – Makalu.


1977 - First carabiner with monobloc gate – 3000.


1984 - First crampons with tool-free adjustment – Jorasses.


1986 - First ergonomically shaped Zicral carabiner – Cliff.


1988 - First sit harness with ventilated heat-molded back panel.


1992 - First grade 7 on ice ‘La Dame du Lac’ (Renaud).


1998 - First carabiner with dynamic locking (patented monobloc system) – Spider.


2003 - First curved and tapering Carving shaft – Anaconda cup.


2005 - First belay device with integrated system for giving slack when rope is under tension – Toucan.


2008 - Interface for helicopter rescue developed in partnership with the PGHM.


A full list of Simond’s achievements can be found here.


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