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07 Nov 2018


Did you know? Kayaking is a sport that is much more complete than it looks, and a great activity to get back in shape without hurting yourself.

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1. Kayaking and getting back in shape: redrawing your physique

Each well-executed paddle stroke works the muscles of your arms and shoulders, which quickly gain strength and power.

But while doing so, other parts of your body are also being exercised: 
     - Your abs are particularly engaged whenever you heel over and turn.
     - Your abs, back, legs and glutes are also working to maintain your posture while you paddle.
     - Your cardio and aerobic capacities are enhanced: the continuous movement of the oar gets your heart working more and improves its health. 

You are already in shape but want to tap a little more into your reserves? Divide the workout! Paddle vigorously for 1 min and then switch to a more moderate pace for 2 or 3 min. Then do it over and over!   

Kayaking is also an effective way to raise your heart rate and burn more calories. It is definitely a great calorie-consuming workout, and it helps tone your muscles. 




2. Kayaking: between the gentle alternative and the “all-out” of sports fiends!

Kayaking offers other advantages if you want to tap into your reserves without causing trauma to your body, as jogging might, for example. It makes for a more suitable activity if you have sensitive knees or hips.  

Conversely, given its completeness, kayaking is an excellent complementary activity if you are an off-road athlete: especially if you already exercise your lower body a lot through running or cycling.




3. Kayaking gives you both the pleasure of being in great shape and of the outdoors!

With the return of sunny days or after a period of convalescence, returning to physical activity requires a good dose of motivation. Don't want to run amidst car exhaust or pedal in a gym?  

The kayak can once again make the difference when it comes to getting back in shape. 

Although this activity requires a bit of time and organization, it helps you to disconnect on many levels: 
     - You’re working on endurance without realizing it—on the water and with your senses reborn.
     - You get to enjoy nature, take a breath of sea air and get plenty of vitamin D under the rays of the Sun in winter.
     - You get a sense of relaxation through awe-inspiring landscapes and the sound of wildlife. 
     - You enjoy the feeling of your kayak gliding on the water thanks to the deep work of your arms...

And in 2 paddle strokes, you have found your smile again and your shape!


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