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27 Feb 2019

Who should I follow for Hockey on Twitter?

The world of field hockey was quick to embrace Twitter, the global sport happy to debate and share via the hugely popular platform. But who's worth following?

England Hockey Rumours@EHLRumours - a scathing but often fair assessment of English hockey. Someone who champions the domestic game, the indoor game and those who try to make the sport better.

Georgie Parker@georgieparker - a retired Australian international who is often beating the drum for sexual equality, mental health and providing insightful commentary on the important matters of life such as airplane etiquette.

Plane etiquette in my opinion should be:

Aisle seat - gets outer arm rest and extra leg room; forgoes middle arm rest
Middle seat - full access to two middle arm rests; shit seat
Window seat - gets outer arm rest and somewhere to lean/good view; forgoes middle arm rest


— Georgie Parker (@georgieparker) October 18, 2018

The Drag Flick: @thedragflick - a news website with content covering pretty much every major hockey playing nation. Plenty of reading material for your morning commute!

Self Pass@self_pass - regularly sparking discussion, nudging people every now and then to make argument happen and to fuel the debate to produce a more exciting and captivating game. Also have a nice habit of sharing impressive short clips of skills!

Ryhs Smith@drhysyB - at the time of writing this chap has 710 followers which is absurd. The skills on show are insane.

Week 4 - Knee Challenge

— Rhys Smith (@DRhysyB) January 28, 2019

Give Me Hockey@hockeyind - strong opinions, focussed on the Indian scene and with real passion

Mani Kochar@manikochar - a retired England and GB international who is always happy to offer a considered and well argued opinion.

Helen Richardson-Walsh@H_richardson8 - retired GB player building her coaching career. Regular comment on equality in sport and mental health.

The Hockey Family: @TheHockeyFamily - a mixture of features, news and reviews from a group of people with extensive experience in the game. Also recently relaunched the famous Talk Hockey Radio podcast. - Managed by a former FIH Umpire who is determined to help develop umpires as best she can. She is willing to answer pretty much any question, and when able to she uses video to explain elite umpire decision making.

Absolutely correct! The injection leaves the circle, shot is taken, & the rebound leaves the circle for the 2nd time.

Under 2019 rules, we’ll play on until the ball goes >5m from the circle.

More @GalvanisdHockey:

— (@fhumpires) February 19, 2019

Have we forgotten anyone? Who would you recommend?

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